2-Year Anniversary and New Board Members


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Catholic Community Foundation of the Diocese of Richmond Celebrates 2-Year Anniversary and Approves New Board Members

Richmond, Virginia (September 23, 2016) – The Catholic Community Foundation of the Diocese of Richmond announces their two-year anniversary today.  After it was founded on September 23, 2014, by Bishop Francis X. DiLorenzo, the Catholic Community Foundation has created over 84 funds and has over $94 million in assets.

Initially, the Catholic Community Foundation of the Diocese of Richmond managed funds from the Diocese of Richmond. With new endowment funds established from the Living Our Mission capital campaign, and over time with families, parishes, schools and Diocesan affiliated organizations taking advantage of the Foundation’s benefits by investing endowment funds, the Foundation can provide the long-term stability and guidance to grow our Catholic community in the Diocese of Richmond.

During the July 8th Board of Directors Meeting, new board members were elected.  The Catholic Community Foundation welcomes, Reverend Daniel Brady, Ms. Susan Hickey, Mr. David Fiorenza, Reverend Mr. Adrian Marchi, and Ms. Christine Thomas. The appointments are immediate and in effect for a three-year term.

In addition, the Catholic Community Foundation staff are: Ms. Margaret I. Keightley, Executive Director; Mr. Alex Previtera, Director of Development; Ms. Maggie F. Keenan, Ed.D., Director of Parish Development Services; Ms. M. Garbriela Gonza’lez, Director of Development for Hispanic Communities and support staff include: Ms. Jennifer Burkhead, Ms. Amanda Glass and Ms. Veronica Scholle.  Ms. Joyce A. Schreiber, former Director of Development of Schools, will now serve as Director of the McMahon Parater Foundation for Education.

“This is an exciting time for the Diocese of Richmond. We have accomplished a great deal over the past two years and we look forward to the growth and work that lies ahead for us,” said Margaret I. Keightley, Executive Director of the Catholic Community Foundation of the Diocese of Richmond.

About the Catholic Community Foundation of the Diocese of Richmond

The Catholic Community Foundation is dedicated to enriching lives of the Catholic community in the Diocese of Richmond by encouraging faithful generosity and legacy giving.  It implements all stewardship and development efforts of the Diocese and holds itself to the highest standards of accountability and transparency. www.richmondcatholicfoundation.org