Reflections on the Living Our Mission Campaign

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Since arriving and being installed as Bishop of Richmond, I have spent time visiting and getting to know the people, Catholic institutions and history of the Diocese.  I have witnessed firsthand the vibrancy, dedication, and competence of all those who support this Church in its catechetical, sacramental, charitable, and administrative efforts.

Looking forward, it is my hope and prayer for the Church of Richmond to be a strong voice for unity and charity.  This goal can be accomplished through the strength of our Diocesan ministries as well as those offered by our parishes and schools.  One of these ministries is fundraising, which is not a typical association.  When you look deeper, however, you will find it is exactly that.  It is a ministry that significantly advances other ministries and programs.

I am deeply grateful to my predecessor, Bishop Francis DiLorenzo, for his foresight in not only conducting the Living Our Mission capital campaign, but also in establishing the Catholic Community Foundation.  The work of so many in supporting these initiatives has enabled us to be equipped with many of the tools necessary to move our Church ahead.  But there is still much more to be done.

At the core of the Foundation’s mission is continuing the good work begun by Living Our Mission in building endowment funds to support our parishes, schools, and ministries.  I consider these endowments created by individuals and families to be inspired giving.  They are gifts which are a true testament to their eternal love of the Catholic Church.

Additionally, the Foundation serves a critical role in raising the funds necessary through initiatives such as conducting the Annual Appeal; providing guidance and support to increased offertory programs at parishes; securing donations to ensure the affordability of a Catholic School education; and working with parishes and schools in growing their endowment funds for the future.

In this booklet, you will find important information regarding key aspects of the Foundation.  I appreciate your interest in reviewing it and further, your prayerful consideration of support for the ministries and programs of our Catholic Church.

Sincerely in Christ,
Most Reverend Barry C. Knestout
Diocese of Richmond