Saint Francis Home 2016 Annual Appeal Success

Saint Francis Home partnered with the Catholic Diocese of Richmond, Development Office, on their 2016 Annual Appeal. With the help of the Diocese, resources were significantly reduced which directed most of the funds raised to the needs addressed in the campaign.

With nearly $68,000 raised to date, the campaign success will help Saint Francis Home continue its ministry meeting the needs of residents and nurture a home-like environment where independence, dignity and self-worth can thrive.

This campaign surpassed Saint Francis’s record of the Christmas and Easter previous campaigns combined! The 2016 Annual Fund goal of $100,000 was broken down into four areas of need:

Upgrade the Quality of Resident Dinners: $10,000
On a daily basis, 375 meals are served to the residents of Saint Francis Home. While breakfast and lunch are balanced and nutritious, the quality of dinners needs improve. Currently, the residents are served soup and sandwiches for dinner. The $10,000 from the Appeal, will increase the food budget and provide most dinners consisting of protein, carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables.

Improve the Diversity and Frequency of Resident Activities: $15,000
Enrichment activities are a core piece of the mission of Saint Francis Home. These activities range from cultural events, art and painting as well as visit from entertainers and teachers. The current monthly budget of $400 is not sufficiently meeting the current needs and provides few opportunities for more diverse activities. With funds raised from this Appeal, we will be able to augment the activities budget to provide a broader range of experiences that will enhance the lives of residents.

Build an Onsite Dental Office: $25,000
Saint Francis Home was blessed with the promise of donated dental equipment and is now working towards providing the space necessary for a dental operatory equipped, supplied and staffed on site. This amount breaks down to a part-time dentist and hygienist one day a week, small stipends for volunteers and VCU dental student interns.

Offset Annual Deficit: $50,000
The annual budget for Saint Francis Home is over $2.2 million. While most of the revenue comes from room and board, it is still not enough. The Home operates at a $250,000 deficit. With $50,000 earmarked from the Appeal toward this deficit, Saint Francis Home can combine these funds with grants, appeals through the Propagation of the Faith, special events and individual donations to relieve the deficit and enable to be fully sustainable in the current operating year.