Karol X. Garcia

Karol Garcia is the Mission Advancement Manager of Hispanic Communities for the Catholic Community Foundation. In her role, she develops training programs that resonate culturally, helping Latino/Hispanic Catholics strengthen their connections to their parishes and live out stewardship as a joyful way of life.

Karol is passionate about fostering parish engagement and is a staunch advocate of the catholic stewardship principles.

Karol earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing & International Business from Autonoma University.

When not at work, Karol is likely to be found on her paddleboard, navigating the calm waters, or hiking through peaceful trails. Back on land, she might be taking care of her plants or lost in a book, always eager to absorb new knowledge. Karol’s idea of a perfect day includes a quiet paddle, a trail walk, or discovering a new gardening tip.