Margaret’s Weekly Emails


As I write this, I am absolutely stuffed. It is Friday afternoon, and we have just concluded our annual Thanksgiving potluck at the Pastoral Center. Some heroic staff members cook turkeys and hams for all, and the rest of us either a) bring in a homemade masterpiece, or b) purchase store-made cuisine. Those of you who know me will immediately know that I went with option b. However, I must say I chose well, and the two dozen deviled eggs I brought (and bought) were a hit. Of the homemade items, perennial favorites are the Brussels sprouts made by a certain I.T. professional and the carrot cake produced by a Finance Director. I think, though, we have an instant classic from my new administrative assistant with her pineapple upside down cake. Well done!
I will be working from the Jersey Shore next week, where we will enjoy the first extended period together as a family since Catherine went to college. There, like here, I will not be cooking, but I will definitely load the dishwasher.
Before I leave on Sunday, I plan to attend the Centennial Anniversary Closing Mass at St. Elizabeth Catholic Church in Richmond. Bishop Knestout celebrated Mass to begin the celebration last year, and on Sunday, His Eminence Cardinal Wilton Gregory, Archbishop of Washington DC will help bring the centennial year to conclusion. The Mass will be livestreamed on St. Elizabeth’s Facebook page. You do not need a Facebook account to view this stream, which can be found here. It is sure to be a joyful occasion, as well as an opportunity to gather and pray for peace and healing in these heavy and difficult times.
God Bless,



October 2023: