Empowering Women, Strengthening Families: The Mary’s Choice RVA Initiative

Discover the power of collective compassion through the Catholic Community Foundation’s collaboration with Mary’s Choice RVA. In an uplifting new video, learn about the transformative impact of the Women’s Giving Circle’s support for women navigating the challenges of unexpected pregnancies. This initiative showcases the remarkable difference that dedicated support services, extended housing, and skills development programs can make in the lives of mothers and their children. Guided by a deep commitment to care and empowerment, this effort reflects our shared values of hope, solidarity, and the strength of community.

Watch the video to see the story of resilience, growth, and the life-changing support provided by the Catholic parishes across our diocese, through Mary’s Choice RVA. Join us in this journey of making a lasting difference, as we work together to uplift women and their families, building a stronger, more compassionate community.

Check out this heartwarming video featuring the Women’s Giving Circle of the Catholic Community Foundation (CCF) of the Diocese of Richmond. They’ve teamed up with Mary’s Choice RVA to make a huge difference for women facing unexpected pregnancies. Mary’s Choice RVA is all about giving these women and their little ones a safe place to call home for up to four years, along with a helping hand to get back on their feet. Thanks to the support from Catholic parishes across our diocese, they offer an impressive range of services.

The video shines a spotlight on how the Women’s Giving Circle’s generous grants are boosting this support, helping women attend classes, land jobs, and pick up essential skills for family life. It’s a beautiful example of what we can achieve together, filled with hope and community spirit.

Dive into the video to see the amazing work being done and find out how you might lend a hand in this vital mission. We’re proud to share this story, originally featured by the Catholic Diocese of Richmond, as it reflects our shared dedication to lifting up women and families in our community.