2018 Annual Appeal

A Letter from Our Bishop

As I begin my ministry as the 13th Bishop of Richmond, I think about how far this Diocese has come since its inception in 1820. In recent years, one of the key components of advancing our Catholic Faith has been the Annual Diocesan Appeal. It has become a part of the fabric that binds us together as a family of faith. When our larger ministries and parishes receive funding through the Appeal, we as a Church are ensuring that they can thrive today while building for tomorrow.

With a grateful heart, I hope you will join with us this year to accomplish our most challenging goal to date of $3,117,096. Please know that whatever level you contribute; your gift will be most humbly received.

Sincerely in Christ,
Most Rev. Barry C. Knestout
Diocese of Richmond


Good and loving Father, you are the giver of all gifts. We give thanks for the gift of faith that we share, and we give you glory for the hope of Eternal Life that welcomes us into your Kingdom.

Father, hear your Church’s prayer that we may always serve you and your people with a true spirit of humility and generosity. May our Diocesan Appeal be an opportunity for us to strengthen our efforts to live always in your Spirit working for your greater glory.

We ask this as your Church, as your children, and as your family through Christ our Lord,