2024 Annual Diocesan Appeal


Sharing His Love with Others – 

Bishop Barry C. Knestout

A Letter from Bishop Barry C. Knestout

“For we know that in everything, God works for good with those who love him ~ who are called according to his purpose.” – Romans 8:28

By God’s grace, in our prayer, worship, reception of the sacraments, we receive all that we need to share his love and hand on our faith to a new generation. That is why our parishes and faith communities are so vital to the life of the Church. It is in these communities that we receive Christ in the Eucharist, in Scripture, and in each other. As faithful stewards of God’s grace, we share what we have received.
Gifts to the Annual Diocesan Appeal help to build up the Church and answer the call to Share His Love with Others. Your gifts to the Appeal provide food and shelter for families throughout the diocese, and support for young men as they study to become our future priests. Your gifts enable elderly and disabled individuals to live with dignity through the help of St. Francis – Manchester. Your gifts support faith formation for youth and young adults, and so much more.
When you support the Annual Diocesan Appeal, you help transform the lives of people who, like you, seek to be united in God’s love and mercy. I hope you will consider a generous gift to the Annual Diocesan Appeal.
Thank you again for sharing what you have received, and may God grant you every grace and blessing.

2024 Case for Support